Multiple Intelligences – Which One Your Learning Style?

multiple-intelligencesMultiple Intelligences is Howard Gardner‘s psychological theory about people and their different types of intelligences (logical, visual, musical, etc.). There are Eight Intelligences that each people has. A person maybe has two or more dominant intelligences, and maybe there are some person have a balance intelligence for the eight intelligences. What are the Eight Intelligences? you can find they short meaning in the following.
  • Verbal/Linguistic
People who has verbal/linguistic intelligences are naturally good with writing or speaking and memorization.
  • Logical/Mathematical
People with Logical intelligence are driven by logic and reasoning
  • Visual/Spatial
People with Visual intelligence are good at remembering images and aware of surroundings.
  • Bodily/Kinesthetic
People with Kinesthetic intelligence love movement, have good motor skills and are aware of their bodies.
  • Musical
People with musical intelligence are musically gifted and have a “good ear” for rhythm and composition.
  • Intrapersonal
People with intrapersonal intelligence are adept at looking inward.
  • Interpersonal
People with Interpersonal intelligence are good with people and thrive in social interactions.
  • Naturalist

People with Naturalist intelligence have a sensitivity to and appreciation for nature.

That are the short definitions of multiple intelligences. And i have take the multiple intelligences to find my learning style there. And here are the result.

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It might be not a hundred percent suitable for your learning style, but maybe we can have a good references from it. Just have it for fun 🙂

According to Gardner’s psychological theory, i am suppose to be an athlete or an actor or a kind of that because i am a kinesthetic. Beside that i also suit to be an environmentalist or a botanist because i am Naturalist. In fact, i am a lecturer, ho..ho..ho.. :))

But, due to i am a moslem, i believe that people not only has that eight intelligences, people also has Spiritual Intelligence, which is the most important intelligences we should have. We live in real world is just for a moment, we will face the day after tomorrow, it is said akhirat in Islam. There are only two choice in akhirat, Hell or heaven. We don’t know which place that we will stay at after the “Judgement Day”. It’s all depend on what we have done when we’re alive in world. It’s our own choice.

Hopefully it gives you a benefit.


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